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College Student's Guide to Points & Miles

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What do we mean when we talk about points and miles? To keep it simple, points and miles are the terms used to refer to the currencies used in customer loyalty programs. Unfamiliar with loyalty programs? Airlines, hotels, retailers, etc. work to keep customers loyal by offering customers the ability to earn and redeem points or miles for free or discounted flights, hotel rooms, rental cars, clothes, burritos, etc. Additionally, points and miles are typically used as a benchmark if an airline’s or hotel’s loyalty program features elite tiers. Elite tiers are used to reward an airline, hotel, or retailer’s biggest spenders or most loyal customers. Passengers, guests, and customers that hold elite status receive exclusive benefits like priority customer assistance and complimentary upgrades. Points and miles are the foundation of any loyalty program.

The simple answer is to fly with a preferred airline and stay with a preferred hotel chain. Typically, aside from credit card welcome bonuses, spending money on an airline or with a hotel chain is the quickest way to earn points or miles. However, there are a number of other ways one can earn points and miles.
The most popular way to earn points and miles that doesn’t involve staying at a hotel or taking a flight is through co-branded credit cards. Credit card companies work with major airlines and hotel chains to issue co-branded credit cards with which the card holder can earn points and miles on everyday purchases. However, if you’re not looking to open a credit card (or don’t have a stellar credit score), there are still ways to earn points and miles that don’t involve an airplane, hotel room, or credit card.

Other ways to earn points and miles include; participating in an airline’s dining-out program, making purchases through an airline’s shopping portal, buying points or miles directly from an airline or hotel, and using your loyalty program number during checkout at participating partners like rental car companies or even major retailers. Still, there are a few other ways to earn points and miles.’

The bottom line, however, is that you don’t need to be a road warrior to earn airline miles or hotel points. Even full-time college students or recent grads working an entry-level job can rack up points and miles.

That’s a great question and one that I may not be able to answer. Ultimately, you’re the one that can best answer this question. Points and miles can be quite valuable and as a college kid or recent grad. As a young adult, you’re probably eager to explore the far reaches of the globe and knock a few items off of your bucket list. Points and miles are a great way to do both. Additionally, if you don’t already, you’re going to have a never ending list of expenses like gas, food, and college textbooks. You might as well earn some airline miles or hotel points on those unavoidable expenses. Eventually, those everyday expenses may allow you to take the trip of a lifetime or upgrade to business class on your flight home at the end of the semester.

In short, points and miles are a valuable non-cash currency that anyone can earn. So, while you might not become addicted to the trade like myself and millions of others, it doesn’t hurt to sign-up for an airline’s loyalty program and start earning miles. Finally, this may come as a surprise but getting into points and miles may even allow you to build up and establish a solid credit score.

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Ready to start traveling the world for almost nothing? It’s time to pursue a degree in points & miles. On the surface, frequent flyer and loyalty programs are pretty straight-forward. Simply put, fly with an airline a lot or stay at a certain hotel chain frequently and you’ll earn a lot of miles or points. However, there are numerous aspects of these programs that are often glanced over. The College Points is here to guide you through every aspect of points & miles, credit cards, and travel. You’ll be proficient in points & miles in no time!

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