Starting a blog from scratch is very time-consuming. Once you’ve managed to get your blog up and running, you’re only just scratching the surface of blogging. The world of online content creation and blogging is extremely competitive and rarely profitable. Nevertheless, despite the downsides and difficulties of starting and managing a blog, online content creating is very rewarding. Who hasn’t wanted to create content for a blog or major website?

To make it easier for college writers to create content that can be easily accessed across the web, The College Points encourages student writers to submit content to our growing online platform. And yes, we will pay you.

College Student Writing Opportunity
Get paid to write blog posts while studying at college. (Image by Pixabay / via Pexels)

About Us

The College Points is a relatively new online media outlet specializing in content curated for college students, young professionals, and younger adults. Initially, we focused entirely on content related to travel and loyalty programs. While this is still at the heart of what we do, we are expanding the type of content we offer to readers. Over the next few months, we will begin adding in new content categories including, culture, college finances, lifestyle topics, and more niche travel content. While some of our content will start to shift away from loyalty programs and air travel, our audience will remain the same. We are a college blog and plan on remaining one for the foreseeable future.

Over the past year, despite having an extremely small team and a non-existent budget, The College Points has seen a significant increase in monthly readers and page views. However, we aren’t done growing. Now, we want ambitious college students and college writers to accompany us on our journey. So, we’re currently putting out the call to students across the globe. Do you enjoy writing? Do you want to earn a little cash? Do you want your content to appear on a fast-growing platform? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re in luck. We’d love to connect with you.

How This Works

We are currently looking for student writers that would be able to write specific content. We are also encouraging student writers to contribute content that may not necessarily be on our list of requested content and assignments. So, here’s what potential writers need to know about the process.

Specific Content and Assignments

If you are interested in writing specific content or taking on an assignment, you will want to connect with our team for a list of available assignments. We’ve included a brief overview of some of the topics we plan to cover over the next few months to give potential writers a better idea of the type of content available for assignment. That list can be found just below this text. Additionally, writers who complete specific assignments and requested content will receive additional compensation and pay for their time and effort.

  • Student Finances
  • Credit Cards: Risks and Rewards
  • Credit Scores
  • Managing Money in College
  • Introduction to Personal Finance
  • Travel Guides (Winter getaways, planning for spring break, COVID-19 friendly vacations)
  • Travel Tips
  • Various Lifestyle topics

General Content and Contributions

Student writers looking to create content without the restraints of a specific assignment are encouraged to contact us with a pitch or an initial draft. While contributors that aren’t assigned a specific assignment will have a much greater degree of flexibility, we still ask that unassigned content fits within one of our niches. We’ve included a list of niches we’re looking to cover as well as a few examples below.

  • Travel (Best Beaches for College Students, Saving Money on Student Travel, Unique College Getaways)
  • Finance & Money (How to Save Money, Managing Your Money in College, What’s a Credit Score, Introduction to Personal Finances in College)
  • Lifestyle (College Life Hacks, College Student Tips, Staying Healthy in College, Mental and Physical Well-Being, New Products & Brands We Love)
  • Culture (Music Reviews, TV Reviews, Movie Reviews, Music Festival Previews, Concert Previews, COVID-19 virtual events, etc.)
  • Deals (Travel Deals, Airfare Deals, Student Deals, Store Deals, Sales, etc.)

What's The Pay Like?

Pay is variable. Compensation is determined by the type of content and length of content. The speed at which assigned content is delivered is also taken into account. If you aren’t necessarily looking to get paid for your contributions, we greatly appreciate unpaid reader submissions. However, we are still hoping to compensate as many student contributors as possible. Upon connecting with our team, we will provide you with a better idea of what the payment process looks like and what you can expect to receive for your time and effort.

Get Started & Connect With Us

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